Miami in Photos

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For anyone still dealing with the affects of winter weather (grey snow, salt covered boots, rising heating bills) it may seem a bit strange for someone who already has warm weather and a beach to pick up and travel across the country for ... more warm weather and more beaches.  Well, maybe its because variety is…

Choosing Between Two Loves for Valentine’s Day

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This past weekend was another treasured 3-day weekend. For someone who doesn't mind red-eye flights or a few extra hours on a plane, this is a great time to get a little farther afield.  Knowing the President's Day/Valentine's Day/Carnival weekend was around the corner, I had been eyeing locations in the Caribbean and South America that I had not…

Denver’s Hotel Monaco

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A few weeks back I found myself making a last minute, overnight trip to Denver, Colorado. No business to attend to, no friends or family to see, just an extended layover with plenty of time to head into the city. Since I didn't have any agenda, I decided to make this quick trip about the hotel…

Out of the Dungeon: At Houston Intercontinental Airport

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After a few recent layovers at Houston Intercontinental Airport and I realize I have to give that airport kudos.  Normally if you're catching a flight on a small regional airline, your find yourself leaving the bright and bustling area of the main terminal and trudging down to the dimly lit, low ceiling'd dungeon of the airport…

Travel Expert’s Travel Fail

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Travel Expert’s Travel Fail thumbnail's confession time. I have hesitated in writing this post for a few weeks now because it pains me to admit to a huge travel fail.  And I have no one to blame for it by me.  While I'd rather keep this embarrassing admission to myself, I'll share it with you all so you, my fabulous…