Arabic: Remembering What I Barely Knew

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Three years ago I headed off to Lebanon for 6 weeks with grand plans of studying the beautiful Arabic language. After minoring in Japanese in college and studying in Tokyo for 5 months, I had no delusions of language grandeur. I knew I wasn't going to leave Lebanon with a full grasp of the language. But I thought…

Treasures Close to Home

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One day into my first (of three) international summer trips for 2015, I wanted to stop and take a moment to throw some love out to my adopted home state of California.  I have to say that I feel pretty darned fortunate to live in a city that many people consider a prime vacation spot. When I fly…

Hotel Review: 10 Things I Love About the Virgin Hotel

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A few months back I heard about the  opening of the first hotel under Richard Branson's Virgin Group and I immediately thought, "I need to get there". I'm definitely a loyal customer when it comes to brands I like, and in the world of travel, Virgin is one of my favorites.  Ever since my first Virgin Atlantic flight…

Miami in Photos

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For anyone still dealing with the affects of winter weather (grey snow, salt covered boots, rising heating bills) it may seem a bit strange for someone who already has warm weather and a beach to pick up and travel across the country for ... more warm weather and more beaches.  Well, maybe its because variety is…

Sometimes It’s the Little Things

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I've owned up to a number of faults on this blog: I can be quite shy, I'm terrified of cockroaches, I over pack, I love maps but I'm horrible with directions, I let a visa come between me and the World Cup.  I'll stop myself there. Well, here's another one...I'm terrible with names.  I think I've…