Exploring England’s Lake District

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  How many times have I visited London? Honestly, I lost count long ago. Aside from the 11 months that I lived there, I am sure I've visited at least 20 times...likely more.  It is a vibrant city and no matter how often I visit, it always reveals something new to me.  A new neighborhood, a new shortcut…

Travel Tips for Capoeiristas

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Early on in my capoeira career, I remember sitting, tired and sweaty, on a gym floor after a full day of training, listening to one of the capoeira masters speak. His words stood out to me as he talked about the importance of travel as you develop your skills in capoeira.  How going out in the world and experiencing…

Travel Ink

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Three years ago I was scrolling through a friend’s Instagram feed and I came across an image that made me pause. The print was of a monarch butterfly, in all white. One half of the image was the traditional butterfly print with wings spread, the other half was of the continents of the world, arranged to complete…

Where Have I Been?

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Is this post going to be a list of the lovely places I've traveled to recently? No,...not really. The question "Where Have I Been" is really more for this blog. Where has it been for the last nine months? Well, as I told fellow travel bloggers at a conference a few weeks ago, this little blog…

Arabic: Remembering What I Barely Knew

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Three years ago I headed off to Lebanon for 6 weeks with grand plans of studying the beautiful Arabic language. After minoring in Japanese in college and studying in Tokyo for 5 months, I had no delusions of language grandeur. I knew I wasn't going to leave Lebanon with a full grasp of the language. But I thought…