Miami in Photos

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For anyone still dealing with the affects of winter weather (grey snow, salt covered boots, rising heating bills) it may seem a bit strange for someone who already has warm weather and a beach to pick up and travel across the country for ... more warm weather and more beaches.  Well, maybe its because variety is…

Sometimes It’s the Little Things

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I've owned up to a number of faults on this blog: I can be quite shy, I'm terrified of cockroaches, I over pack, I love maps but I'm horrible with directions, I let a visa come between me and the World Cup.  I'll stop myself there. Well, here's another one...I'm terrible with names.  I think I've…

Choosing Between Two Loves for Valentine’s Day

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This past weekend was another treasured 3-day weekend. For someone who doesn't mind red-eye flights or a few extra hours on a plane, this is a great time to get a little farther afield.  Knowing the President's Day/Valentine's Day/Carnival weekend was around the corner, I had been eyeing locations in the Caribbean and South America that I had not…

Travel 15 for 2015

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I don't know about you all, but this year is already going by way too quickly for my liking. Each year I like to have my travel goals post up just after the first of the year, but I must have blinked and now its already February! No matter - it is still important for me to…

An Easy Way to Save for Travel

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"How can you afford to travel so often?" That's a question I get more often than any other about my travels. The true answer: I make it a priority.  I have a good job with a decent salary, but I can guarantee I'd have a much fuller savings account if I didn't travel so darned often. Confession…