Exploring London’s Outdoor Art Scene

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Not that multiple nights of stuffing your face and drinking lovely wines at London’s great restaurants is a bad thing, but after a few evenings of this it does start to take a toll on your wallet…and your waistline. So what’s a person to do on a quite Wednesday night?  How about a wander around the…

Health, Family, Money: Visiting an Orthodox Jewish Home

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Living in Los Angeles, I am rarely far from a Jewish community. When I moved into my first apartment near Beverly Hills, I quickly found myself to be in the minority. Not because I was a black woman (though that factored in too), but because I was one of probably 2 or 3 non-Jewish families in the…

When in Los Angeles…Take a Spiritual Day Trip

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As America’s second city, Los Angeles has enough attractions, both manmade and natural, to keep you entertained for years. But sometimes its nice to get out of the city for a bit of a day trip. Earlier this year, I joined a few friends for an excursion out to the California desert to experience a sound bath…

On Trust and Travel

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Arriving in a new country…at night…where you do not speak the language requires a great deal of trust.  I arrived at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport around 6:00 PM and by the time I got through customs and got myself situated, I left the airport in complete darkness.  Even though there is no immediate threat of danger, I only…

The Walled Off Hotel

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Timing is everything and this time the calendar gods smiled on me! A week before I left for my trip to Israel last month, a British friend asked if I had heard about the new Walled Off Hotel that was about to open in Bethlehem in the West Bank. The creative and extremely appropriately named hotel…