Everywhere … and Disneyland

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“And where do YOU want to fly today?” “Everywhere!!!…and Disneyland.” Once a week I teach the Brazilian martial art of capoeira to kids from ages 2 – 12.  I don’t have any kids of my own and before I started taking classes with Capoeira Brasil Los Angeles, I never would have thought myself to be a… Read More

Capoeira + Curaçao

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For most people, the draw to a Caribbean island includes sandy beaches, non-stop sunshine, umbrellaed drinks or perhaps a romantic getaway.  I wouldn’t turn any one of these down and it is true that Curaçao delivered on each of them (OK – maybe not the romantic getaway part for me, but I saw plenty of couples looking at… Read More

Travel Tips for Capoeiristas

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Early on in my capoeira career, I remember sitting, tired and sweaty, on a gym floor after a full day of training, listening to one of the capoeira masters speak. His words stood out to me as he talked about the importance of travel as you develop your skills in capoeira.  How going out in the world and experiencing… Read More

Choosing Between Two Loves for Valentine’s Day

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This past weekend was another treasured 3-day weekend. For someone who doesn’t mind red-eye flights or a few extra hours on a plane, this is a great time to get a little farther afield.  Knowing the President’s Day/Valentine’s Day/Carnival weekend was around the corner, I had been eyeing locations in the Caribbean and South America that I had not… Read More