Beirut: A Change for the Better

Beirut is a city that is always in transition. Even though I hadn’t been gone for a full year, on my latest trip, I already noticed a number of differences. Some of my regular hangouts had shuttered their windows and closed up shop. In fact the whole nightlife part of town had shifted about a mile… Read More

Beirut in Photos: 2013

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Jet lag is a funny thing. I wasn’t really in Beirut long enough to get on a totally different time schedule and I flew through enough time zones that my body has no idea where or when it is.  I arrived back home in Los Angeles late Monday morning and felt surprisingly good even though I… Read More

Next Stop: Beirut

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Shiny new passport (check), properly broken in carry-on luggage (check), a few new tunes added to my Flight Plan playlist on my iPod (check)…its time to roll! I haven’t left the country since (gasp!) February and according to my 2013 travel plan I am well overdue for a journey.  So off I go tomorrow for a… Read More