A First Time for Everything

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As a travel writer, I naturally write about my experiences as a foreigner in a foreign land.  My adventures (and sometimes misadventures) trying new foods, visiting new locations. learning new customs, puzzling through new languages.  I am always the wide-eyed, protagonist learning new things as I go along. But if I think about it, it is… Read More

Memories of Osaka

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While I haven’t yet made it back to Osaka since my trip last April, I got a little taste of the city last night with a delicious home cooked meal.  I MAY have mentioned to a family from Osaka that my favorite Japanese food comes from their home city. And MAYBE the husband just happens to be a… Read More

Following the Music

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I had been following the mountain path for about an hour or so through the countryside of Kyoto, Japan.  I had already spent much of the day contentedly wandering around ancient temples turned pink with thousands of cherry blossoms and through soaring forests of bright green, swaying bamboo plants.  In my opinion the day was already… Read More