A First Time for Everything

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As a travel writer, I naturally write about my experiences as a foreigner in a foreign land.  My adventures (and sometimes misadventures) trying new foods, visiting new locations. learning new customs, puzzling through new languages.  I am always the wide-eyed, protagonist learning new things as I go along. But if I think about it, it is…

Culture Close to Home: DanceBrazil

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With no international trips on the immediate horizon, I have to find cultural activities closer to home to keep me going.  It may be as simple as going to see a foreign film or trying out a new restaurant serving a particular international cuisine, but those types of experiences rarely last much longer than the time…

5 Ways to Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

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Have you ever traveled to a foreign city spent a few hurried days, got back on a plane and headed home only to feel like you never really experienced the city at all? I sure have.Usually its when I travel on a business trip. I spend more time in sterile offices, eating box lunches and looking…

My Love-Hate Relationship With Beirut Cabs

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OK – I think I may be obsessed. While I should be blown over by the ruins, beautiful architecture and natural wonders of Beirut, instead I’m secretly enthralled about the whole taxi game here.  Maybe its because I hail from Los Angeles where I probably take a taxi about twice a month at best. It is…

It's Good to be Back

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On a whim, I visited a friend in Beirut back in 2010. I knew little about the city other than the fact that it often seemed to be linked to war and fighting when it was mentioned in U.S. news reports. But with a little research, I realized things were much safer than they had been…