I Don’t Have a Favorite Color

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I don’t have a favorite color – at least not any more. When I was a kid, the answer to the question “What is your favorite color” came with an easy answer. Blue.  My mom’s favorite color was Red so she kind of owned that one (plus it seemed a little too bold for my budding laid back personality) but blue was a nice, safe color. One that represented the sky and the sea and one stripe in the many rainbows I used to draw.  Blue was definitely my favorite…that is until I realized there were hundreds of shades of blue. Did I like cobalt or sky blue or powder blue or just blue blue?  And then how about greens and purples and sometimes even gray and black?

And what does any of this have to do with my travel blog, you ask? Well, that question of favorite colors came up in an conversation with a graphic designer who is working on my new blog site which will launch later this summer (I can’t wait!). She asked that I give her an idea of my favorite colors, fonts, quotes, images, hobbies, etc. so she can get a better idea of how to represent me on my redesigned blog….and that’s where I got stuck.

I realized I have a very hard time identifying what I consider my “favorite” anything.  I don’t have a favorite color, a favorite cuisine, a favorite country or even a favorite movie. I’ve seen too many places, eaten too many foods, heard too many kinds of music and met too many wonderful people to ever choose a best  or favorite option.

Normally I do not feel this is a bad thing, but when it comes to developing a successful travel blogging site, I worry that it could be a problem. One thing I just can’t seem to do is come up with a “niche”. With thousands of travel blogs out on the internet, I’m often reminded of the importance of finding your niche, your focus so that you can draw in a loyal, like-minded audience.  But what if I just can’t decide on a niche? Am I doomed to have a failing blog?

Sure I could differentiate my blog by focusing on a specific target audience. Solo travelers?…sure.  African American travelers?…that’s an option too. As is luxury travel, budget travel, adventure travel, regional travel and even travel for Capoeiristas (and if you have to ask what a capoeirista is, you’re probably not in that target audience). But I feel that if I focus on any one of those things, I’ll be neglecting so many other things that fascinate me about international travel.

So at the risk of having a niche-less travel blog, I think I’ll trust my graphic designer to create a blog site that will show me to be the female, solo, Black, capoeirista, luxury, occasionally budget, humorous, cubicle-escaping global traveler that I am.

All hail the versatile traveler!


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