The High Season at Hotel Hayward

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Last night I got a burst of energy and I was up for hours cleaning, arranging flowers and straightening things up for my next guests.  While I miss my dear friend and roommate who moved to Vermont a few weeks ago, her empty room has coincided with the high season around here at Hotel Hayward.  Or is it the Hayward Hotel?  I am forever switching between these names. Which  do you think sounds better?

Hotel Hayward or the Hayward Hotel?

At any rate, it appears to be high season around here. The rooms (OK…just one room) are filing up fast and its best to book a few weeks in advance.

In Downtown Los Angeles – I just hope they haven’t copy written the name!

The “high” season started of last weekend with a good friend who was leaving Los Angeles to begin graduate school in Chicago and needed a place to stay on her way out of town. Tonight I have two capoeira friends from Germany spending a night before they drive up the coast, and then this coming weekend a good friend from Brazil will be in town for a few days. All of this is leading up to our annual Capoeira batizado where I may have anywhere from 3 – 10 guests from all over the world staying with me over the course of a week. Its always crazy, crowded and there’s a severe lack of sleep, but I have to admit that I do look forward to all the chaos.

Someplace to lay your head.

I like playing the role of B&B ownera job I plan to have one day after I have found my way out of the cubicle and maybe even slowed down on my travels a bit.  I figure if I am not traveling at the moment, at least I can offer a bed for someone else who is.  It is great to share stories from the road and hear about friend’s travels. Their stories keep me motivated to keep exploring and making my way around the world. Plus for as many times as I’ve stayed in friends homes from Asia to Africa to Europe and all over the US, I certainly feel the need to give back when friends are coming through town.

A little something bright for the guest room

 I have yet to decide if I’ll sign up for something like Couchsurfers or Air B&B, but for the moment my friends, family and traveling capoeiristas keep me at a decent occupancy rate here at the Hayward Hotel….or Hotel Hayward.


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