The Walled Off Hotel

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Timing is everything and this time the calendar gods smiled on me! A week before I left for my trip to Israel last month, a British friend asked if I had heard about the new Walled Off Hotel that was about to open in Bethlehem in the West Bank. The creative and extremely appropriately named hotel…

Israel: Top 10 Things I Learned

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Subtitle: “What I didn’t know could fill a blog post”. Just getting back from 2 and half weeks in Israel, Palestine and Jordan and though I have 1000 different thoughts floating around in my head, its hard to know where to begin writing.  The trip was nothing short of amazing. That’s not to say that everything went according…

Wandering Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek Neighborhood

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The night I arrived in Tel Aviv, I struck up a conversation with a local over a glass of wine and ended up asking him “What is your favorite neighborhood in Tel Aviv”.  This guy was French by birth, but had spent many years visiting Tel Aviv and now called this city home, so I figured he might…

When in Los Angeles…Get A View from Above

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Driving from my home on the west side of LA to a friend’s place in Eagle Rock the other day, I noticed how the downtown skyline is changing.  New hotels and apartment buildings going up and cranes spotting the horizon in all directions.  Downtown Los Angeles has been growing and gentrifying for years, but it seems…

Just Go…

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Back in 2oo2, I took my first trip to the African continent. I flew into Johannesburg, South Africa and 4 months later I flew out of Cairo, Egypt, having visited 8 countries during that time.  Looking back (yes, that’s a long 15 year look back) I am amazed by the lack of planning I had done before…