Expat Adventures: Ana in India

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Like my last Expat Adventure subject, I met Ana (aka ‘Atrasada’) through the amazing martial art of Capoeira. I had traveled to New York for a Capoeira event in 2006 and met her there during a night of workshops.  We kept in touch and a few years later we met up at another event in Rio de…

Good News Is Coming

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OK – I’m going to be honest with you all today because…well…I normally am. My mother likes to tease me that I say things here on the blog that I normally wouldn’t divulge to anyone in “real life”.  Maybe that’s true, but in any case, the truth is… tonight…I’m tired.  And even worse, my creative juices…

Connected or Unconnected?

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It seems like most people’s idea of a perfect vacation involves getting away from “it all”… and usually “it all” refers to the daily burdens of work, emails and the never ending barrage of phone calls, text messages and calendar alerts. The location for the “perfect get away” varies widely depending on who you ask; from…