Five Favorite City Parks

“So, are you more of a city person or a country person”, I asked my friend Pam, the other day when I was visiting her in London. We were just casually talking about life and living and where, if money were no object, we’d like to buy a home. We both agreed that we are city… Read More

Two Days in Vancouver

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With just under 48 hours to enjoy a new city, you kind of have to stick to the highlights. Luckily a friend had lived in Vancouver for a number of months and had fallen in love with the city. he gave me an extensive list of must see areas of the city (thanks, David!). But before… Read More

Impressions of Vancouver

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As much as I love to travel, I realize it has been a little while since I last went somewhere just for the sake of going. Normally I travel for work or to visit a friend. Many times my trips are tied to a Capoeira Batizado (graduation ceremony) or I’m going to attend an event like… Read More

Plans? What Plans?

Tomorrow afternoon I head off on a little adventure to Vancouver, Canada. While I’m not a girl who likes to have every bit of her trips planned out before getting on the plane, even I am surprised by how very little planning I’ve done for this trip.As a university student, I did a semester study abroad… Read More