Just Not Black in Jordan

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To state the obvious, visiting Petra in Jordan is amazing.  It is breathtaking, mind-expanding, magnificent and unforgettable in a way that only a few other places are in this world.  And while nothing can take away from your time spent there, I found a few hurtful words can overshadow that experience if you let them. On… Read More

On Trust and Travel

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Arriving in a new country…at night…where you do not speak the language requires a great deal of trust.  I arrived at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport around 6:00 PM and by the time I got through customs and got myself situated, I left the airport in complete darkness.  Even though there is no immediate threat of danger, I only… Read More

Just Go…

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Back in 2oo2, I took my first trip to the African continent. I flew into Johannesburg, South Africa and 4 months later I flew out of Cairo, Egypt, having visited 8 countries during that time.  Looking back (yes, that’s a long 15 year look back) I am amazed by the lack of planning I had done before… Read More

Thoughts on Kid-Free Rows on Flights

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I recently read a Conde Nast Traveler article about another airline adding a kid-free zone on their flights.  IndieGo Airlines, based in India, is the latest company to make this offer.  Although I do like kids (truly I do), as a childless adult, I did a quick, silent cheer in my head when I read this headline… Read More

Travel Ink

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Three years ago I was scrolling through a friend’s Instagram feed and I came across an image that made me pause. The print was of a monarch butterfly, in all white. One half of the image was the traditional butterfly print with wings spread, the other half was of the continents of the world, arranged to complete… Read More