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Hi Everyone!It’s a Thursday night and I’ve made it home after a 12-hour work day to enjoy a nice glass of wine (a surprisingly good Tempranillo – Merlot blend) and a bit of restful quiet.  Most nights I head straight from work to a high energy capoeira class or two, then back home for a quick… Read More

It's Not a Cubicle, it's a….

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It was nearly a year ago I left this…Sad cubicle farmfor THIS…Cherry Blossoms in Kyotoand THIS…Beautiful resorts in Lebanonand THIS…Celebrating with the World at the 2012 Summer OlympicsAnd now, 10 months later, I find myself here…Back in the cubicle again…*Sigh!*  When I looked into the future on April 1, 2012 (my escape date) did I see… Read More

Galveston in Photos

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Who can resist the allure of a large porch that wraps around a beautiful Victorian era home? I know I can’t. I  had to keep reminding myself not to just walk up to some stranger’s home in Galveston, Texas and sit down in an inviting rocking chair.  (I have to imagine I’m not the only one… Read More


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April 1 to August 30: 152 days.  17 countries. 44 Blog entries.  1000’s of photos.Countless memories.Please forgive the very short entry today, but I’m a bit jet lagged and emotionally drained.  Its good to be home, but I’m sad to say its over. I will hopefully be in a better frame of mind by the next post, but for now I’ll… Read More

The Most Asked Question

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I have been in Lebanon for nearly two weeks and each day I take an average of 3 rides in a taxi. That means I’ve been in about 40 different taxis and I can safely say that I have gotten the same question from 39 of those 40 taxi drivers: “Where are you from”. Sometimes it… Read More