My Favorite Gifts for Travelers

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What are the best gifts for travelers for a birthday, holiday, or ‘Congrats you made it to the American Airlines Executive Platinum status’ gift? Well a plane ticket is always a safe bet.  But if they already have that squared away, here are some other great suggestions broken up into Coach, Business and First Class options… Read More

A Traveler's Birthday

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I’m not going to lie – for various personal reasons, I could have let this birthday slide. Go by unnoticed and uncelebrated – just let Monday be Monday.  I just wasn’t feeling it this year.I’m an only child who grew up not only having birthdays, but also HALF birthdays in June when the East Coast weather… Read More

Christmas Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

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Anyone else shop for their holiday gifts at the very last minute like I do? Good! This list may be just in time for you procrastinators. 1. Anne Taintor Luggage Tags – A great little stocking stuffer to help luggage stand out from the rest on the airport carousel.Price: $8.99 – $9.99Buy From: Anne Taintor Website2… Read More

Is Global Shopping too Global?

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There is something special about finding the perfect souvenir for a friend or family member while you’re traveling the globe. Something that has Aunt Jane or Cousin George’s name written all over it.  What is less than special is finding that gift, deciding to spend your limited budget on it, packaging it up, standing in line… Read More

Favorite Souvenirs from 2012 Journey

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While I definitely wouldn’t call myself a shop-a-holic, I do appreciate finding interesting, creative, artistic and sometimes just plain weird things when I travel. Whether its something for myself or for friends and family, if I see the perfect gift, I often find myself digging for my wallet even if I’ve just made a solemn promise… Read More