When in Los Angeles… (A Series)

When in Los Angeles… (A Series) thumbnail

Hi Everyone!  It is almost the end of January and I hope the year has started off with some great travel for you.  For me...well, since getting back from my New Year's trip to Palm Springs, I've been home bound, but when you live in a great city like Los Angeles, it is not the end…

Treasures Close to Home

Treasures Close to Home thumbnail

One day into my first (of three) international summer trips for 2015, I wanted to stop and take a moment to throw some love out to my adopted home state of California.  I have to say that I feel pretty darned fortunate to live in a city that many people consider a prime vacation spot. When I fly…

Hotel Review: 10 Things I Love About the Virgin Hotel

Hotel Review: 10 Things I Love About the Virgin Hotel thumbnail

A few months back I heard about the  opening of the first hotel under Richard Branson's Virgin Group and I immediately thought, "I need to get there". I'm definitely a loyal customer when it comes to brands I like, and in the world of travel, Virgin is one of my favorites.  Ever since my first Virgin Atlantic flight…