Notting Hill Carnival for First Timers

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In my years of travel, I have attended my share of big street festivals.  Three visits to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, three Oktoberfests in Munich, and two Carnaval celebrations in Brazil, are ones that quickly come to mind. Yet I had never been to a Caribbean based carnival.  That was about to change, even though… Read More

Exploring London’s Outdoor Art Scene

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Not that multiple nights of stuffing your face and drinking lovely wines at London’s great restaurants is a bad thing, but after a few evenings of this it does start to take a toll on your wallet…and your waistline. So what’s a person to do on a quite Wednesday night?  How about a wander around the… Read More

Exploring England’s Lake District

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  How many times have I visited London? Honestly, I lost count long ago. Aside from the 11 months that I lived there, I am sure I’ve visited at least 20 times…likely more.  It is a vibrant city and no matter how often I visit, it always reveals something new to me.  A new neighborhood, a new shortcut… Read More