The High Season at Hotel Hayward

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Last night I got a burst of energy and I was up for hours cleaning, arranging flowers and straightening things up for my next guests.  While I miss my dear friend and roommate who moved to Vermont a few weeks ago, her empty room has coincided with the high season around here at Hotel Hayward.  Or…

How to Be a Good Host

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There is no shortage of books and articles and etiquette advice on how to be a good house guest.  Always clean up after yourself,Do not overstay your welcome,Bring a small gift to your host,Strip the bed before you leave,etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, blah blah blah  .  But what we DO need more advice on is how to…

Cost of Travel: Accommodations

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One question I continually get about my 5 month Round the World trip earlier this year is:"How much did it cost?"I have to confess, I am one of the worlds worst budgeters. When I really want something (like this trip) I just go for it. Of course I did take efforts to save a chunk of…

Hotel Review: Mir Amin Palace

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From the moment I walked into the reception area of the Mir Amin Palace, I felt my pace slow down. Instead of walking around the gardens, pool deck and restaurant, I strolled.  I did actually stop and smell the roses...and the fresh herbs grown in the hotel's gardens. At the Mir Amin Palace, you just want…

Hotel Review: Eddé Sands Hotel & Wellness Resort

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"You may have to call security to get me to leave" I only half jokingly said to Alice Eddé, the owner of the Eddé Sands resort and Joanne, the Marketing Manager.  I had just fallen in love with the Eddé Sands resort after a relaxing lunch and tour of the grounds and was thinking that I could live out the rest…