Capoeira + Curaçao

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For most people, the draw to a Caribbean island includes sandy beaches, non-stop sunshine, umbrellaed drinks or perhaps a romantic getaway.  I wouldn't turn any one of these down and it is true that Curaçao delivered on each of them (OK - maybe not the romantic getaway part for me, but I saw plenty of couples looking at…

Curaçao: What NOT to Pack

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I always joke that if I had a "frivolous" super power (e.g. not the ability to fly or read minds) I would choose the power of 20/20 packing hindsight.  The ability to know, when you're getting ready for a trip, exactly what you will need in terms of clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc. so you always have…

Paradise Can’t Wait: Curaçao Immigration

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Picture this: sleepless, red-eye flight followed by a 3 hour layover and then another 2 hour flight. Tired, in need of a shower, some food and most importantly in need of a beach.  You land in Curaçao, your island paradise for the next week, and you can already feel the sand in your toes and a fruity, tropical drink…