The High Season at Hotel Hayward

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Last night I got a burst of energy and I was up for hours cleaning, arranging flowers and straightening things up for my next guests.  While I miss my dear friend and roommate who moved to Vermont a few weeks ago, her empty room has coincided with the high season around here at Hotel Hayward.  Or… Read More

365 days later…

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As a general rule, I believe its best to look forward and focus on creating the future you want to live.  There are times, however, when you do need to reflect on where you’ve been. It’s never healthy to dwell in the past, but glancing back to either remember the good times or to learn from… Read More

Q & A With the Owner of Traveler's Bookcase (Part II)

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In last Thursday’s post, I began my interview with Natalie Compagno, co-owner of Los Angeles’ Travelers bookcase, a book store dedicated to all things travel. Naturally a place I love!Below is the second half of our interview where I ask her more questions about her personal travels.Natalie Compagno, owner of a Traveler’s BookcaseNH: Now, a few questions… Read More

Culture Close to Home

“You’re going to be gone for how long? FIVE months?? Wow – I wish I could do that.”That’s usually how the conversation goes when I tell people about my round the world trip.  Everyone I speak to WANTS to travel more, but not everyone feels they can. Although there are always ways that people can include more… Read More