Treasures Close to Home

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One day into my first (of three) international summer trips for 2015, I wanted to stop and take a moment to throw some love out to my adopted home state of California.  I have to say that I feel pretty darned fortunate to live in a city that many people consider a prime vacation spot. When I fly…

Enjoy the Views…and Enter My Giveaway

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My passion for travel means that I make it a daily part of my life. If I'm not somewhere with a suit case in tow, I'm reading through travel magazines, interacting via social media with other travel-junkies or scouring through all the travel related emails, articles and promotions that show up in my inbox each day…

Global News: Keeping up With the World

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For me, there's never a shortage of learning opportunities when I travel abroad. Whether I'm studying for my advanced scuba certificate in South Africa, struggling through an Arabic class in Lebanon or just listening to people tell stories around a dinner table, I'm always trying to soak up as much as I can about the city…

When Traveling, Give Thanks

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When it comes to the travel industry, how often do you hear words of praise? Sure, you'll hear accolades about a luxury hotel room or a serene mountain retreat. But how often do you hear words of praise for the people in the industry?Not very often. It is usually words of dismay, irritation and complaint. The…

Taking Account – My 2013 Travels

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Where has 2013 gone?  I swear I was just planning my first overseas trip of 2013 back in February and now we're well past the half way mark. There's a distinct possibility I say this every year, but this year has absolutely flown by! Realizing there are still so many places for me to see this…