Connected or Unconnected?

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It seems like most people’s idea of a perfect vacation involves getting away from “it all”… and usually “it all” refers to the daily burdens of work, emails and the never ending barrage of phone calls, text messages and calendar alerts. The location for the “perfect get away” varies widely depending on who you ask; from… Read More

Traveling is Not an Escape Route

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Just last week I ended up having a conversation about all of my travels that took a sharp turn when the person I was speaking with kindly, but unmistakably, implied that I was using my trips as a form of escape. That eventually it would be best to stop traveling and face issues at home. Um, what?!?This completely… Read More

On the Platform

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Its not everyday that you resign from your job with absolutely no prospects for your next career move. Some people call it following your dreams. Others call it irresponsible. I choose to go with the “follow your dreams” description.This thought came to me the other day and I wanted to capture it here.  I was trying… Read More

Which Fear Wins?

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For the first time in this long process of my “cubicle escape”, I’m starting to get scared and second guess myself. I know its natural to feel hesitant when you’re standing on the ledge, getting ready to take a step out with no visible net below. Who wouldn’t be a little freaked out? The reality is… Read More