Expat Adventures: Ana in India

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Like my last Expat Adventure subject, I met Ana (aka ‘Atrasada’) through the amazing martial art of Capoeira. I had traveled to New York for a Capoeira event in 2006 and met her there during a night of workshops.  We kept in touch and a few years later we met up at another event in Rio de… Read More

Adventure Awaits!

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The saying that the journey is often more important than the destination could not have been more true than it was today.  I am just back from a long weekend (almost too long) in Las Vegas with a great group of friends for a little relaxation, a little partying and a little Capoeira. We stayed up… Read More

Hell Yeah, I'm Running with the Bulls!

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There are many reasons people choose to travel. To discover new lands, to visit friends and family, to study a language, or to learn about art and history. And then there are just times when you travel to do something totally crazy and irrational with no purpose other than to experience LIFE!On Tuesday night, about 17… Read More

Living Life

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While I would never claim that “Titanic” was the best display of acting Hollywood has churned out, there is a scene in this movie that I do find particularly motivating.  With all the melodrama and fantastic sweeping shots of the magnificent ship, my favorite scene is a minor bit at the very end of the film. In… Read More