I Still Remember … Mr. Mandela

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My first steps on African soil were in the country of South Africa.I still remember landing in Johannesburg.I still remember visiting Soweto.I still remember visiting Nelson’s Mandela’s home and then bumping into Winnie Mandela just outside as we were preparing to leave.I still remember visiting Robben Island and thinking how cold and stark it felt even… Read More

Music 2 Travel

Sitting in my little cubicle hovel, having not seen the sun since I walked out of the parking garage at 7:35 AM, I put the iPod on Shuffle and the first song that comes on is “Trapped by Love” by Manu Chao. If you haven’t heard of Manu Chao, do a quick search on iTunes and… Read More

Top 10 Favorites: South Africa

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Second in a Series: To celebrate the tenth anniversary of my first Round the World excursion I am doing a “Top 10” of some of the countries I visited on that trip. Today’s spotlight is on South Africa. Here are 10 of my favorite things about that country.1. Hiking up Table Mountain (Cape Town) – You… Read More