An Easy Way to Save for Travel

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“How can you afford to travel so often?” That’s a question I get more often than any other about my travels. The true answer: I make it a priority.  I have a good job with a decent salary, but I can guarantee I’d have a much fuller savings account if I didn’t travel so darned often. Confession…

Looking Back and Looking Forward (Pt. 1)

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Happy New Year – Happy 2015 – Happy time to reset your goals/visions/intentions/plans or hell, just the time to chill out and do nothing. Whatever the new year means to you, I hope you enjoy it. For me it is the annual time for me to look back at what I accomplished over the past year…

Travel Expert’s Travel Fail

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OK…it’s confession time. I have hesitated in writing this post for a few weeks now because it pains me to admit to a huge travel fail.  And I have no one to blame for it by me.  While I’d rather keep this embarrassing admission to myself, I’ll share it with you all so you, my fabulous…

Taking Stock

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We’re over half way there, folks! “Where”, you ask? To 2015, of course! To some, that’s scary…to others that’s welcome news. But no matter what you think of it, this year is on its downward slope. So be honest. How may of you took stock of your plans, resolutions, goals, ambitions, targets or whatever you want…

Travel Fashion: Q&A with the Owner of Táctil Jewelry

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After years of packing for international travel there are  certain things I just don’t travel without. Earplugs to save me from snoring airline passengers and screaming babies, flip flops because I do not trust hotel room floors even in 5 star establishments and a notebook to jot down addresses, blog ideas, restaurant names and directions. And…