Curaçao: What NOT to Pack

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I always joke that if I had a “frivolous” super power (e.g. not the ability to fly or read minds) I would choose the power of 20/20 packing hindsight.  The ability to know, when you’re getting ready for a trip, exactly what you will need in terms of clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc. so you always have…

Travel Tips for Capoeiristas

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Early on in my capoeira career, I remember sitting, tired and sweaty, on a gym floor after a full day of training, listening to one of the capoeira masters speak. His words stood out to me as he talked about the importance of travel as you develop your skills in capoeira.  How going out in the world and experiencing…

Travel Fashion: Q&A with the Owner of Táctil Jewelry

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After years of packing for international travel there are  certain things I just don’t travel without. Earplugs to save me from snoring airline passengers and screaming babies, flip flops because I do not trust hotel room floors even in 5 star establishments and a notebook to jot down addresses, blog ideas, restaurant names and directions. And…

Separation Anxiety – the Kit

I had a bit of a revelation this weekend. I was cleaning out the storage area in my apartment and noticed something a bit disturbing…I discovered I have an addiction to airline amenities kits. After going through a bunch of empty suitcases and carry on bags, I realize I had saved close to 10 kits from…

Bag Lady

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For three Sunday’s in a row, I find myself standing in front of shelves filled with all sorts of luggage at the REI in Santa Monica.  Internal frame backpacks, duffle bags, carry ons, wheeled backpacks, wheeled duffle bags, traditional suitcases. Pretty much everything short of a steamer trunk. The big question: How to pack 5 months…