My Reintroduction to the Caribbean: Curaçao

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With all of my travels, I surprisingly haven’t spent much time in a place that is fairly close to home: the Caribbean. I had the typical college spring break trip to Jamaica where I had a greater exposure to US college students than I did to actual Jamaicans.  Meals of “rasta pasta” and just enough rum… Read More

Wandering with a Camera: New Orleans

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One of my favorite things to do in a city is to walk around with little in the way of an agenda, to just take things in at a slow pace.  I spend enough of my regular days rushing from one activity to the next, so when I’m traveling to a city, whenever possible, I like… Read More

Wandering with a Camera: London

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Another trip to London means another chance to wander aimlessly with my camera in hand.  This time, these wanderings took me through Notting Hill and Balham on partly sunny, partly rainy, not too cool days. Here are a few images from my favorite city that caught my eye along the way. I had to push a… Read More

Charleston in Photos

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A few weeks ago, a dear friend’s bachelorette party had me heading to the south for weekend in charming, Charleston, South Carolina. I knew little about this city, but each time I told someone where I was going, I got nothing but enthusiastic feedback about how beautiful, friendly and picturesque I would find the city to… Read More

To Shoot or Not To Shoot?

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With my London trip this past weekend, I not only got to see one of my favorite cities in the world and visit with one of my dearest friends, but I also got to check off one of my 14 things to do in 2014. Thanks to my friend and her generous birthday gift to me… Read More