Mexico City: 48 Hours in Photos, Part 2

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I was going through my photos over the weekend and came across more pictures from my recent Mexico City trip. I feel they deserve their own post…I hope you do as well. So here we are with Mexico City: 48 Hours in Photos, Part 2.I have never actually gotten my shoes shined, but this looks like a… Read More

A Table for One?

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A Table for One? thumbnail

I don’t know when I began answering the question “Table for One?” with a slightly hostile-toned “Yes” through slightly gritted teeth, but I did notice that happening more than once on my latest trip to Mexico City. Maybe it is because at home “table for one?” just sounds like a question, but in other countries, it… Read More

Mexico City's Ballet Foclorico

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In Mexico City and looking for something to do after the sun sets? Not that you’d ever run out of restaurants, bars and music venues to check out, but I can also highly recommend an buying tickets to the city’s Ballet Foclorico.  They have performances on Wednesday and Sunday nights in the beautiful theater in the… Read More

Feeling Safe in Mexico City

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Mexico City is one big city, (a HUGE city, actually) and like any big city there is bound to be some level of crime that you need to be aware of. But is that level of crime so much higher than any other major world city? I had often been told yes and had even been… Read More