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Three years ago I was scrolling through a friend’s Instagram feed and I came across an image that made me pause. The print was of a monarch butterfly, in all white. One half of the image was the traditional butterfly print with wings spread, the other half was of the continents of the world, arranged to complete… Read More

Sharing the World

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One of the best Christmas gifts I got this year wasn’t even one that was meant for me. No, I didn’t switch a gift tag underneath the Christmas tree in the middle of the night (if I had, one of my cousins wouldn’t have gotten a new pair of Beats by Dre). Rather I got sucked… Read More

A Little Confession

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I’ve mentioned in previous posts that one of my favorite things about being in a new city is the opportunity to get a little lost. Not seriously lost like I end up in the dodgy part of town in the middle of the night, but lost where I wander through streets and alleyways that I may… Read More