When in Los Angeles…Take a Spiritual Day Trip

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As America’s second city, Los Angeles has enough attractions, both manmade and natural, to keep you entertained for years. But sometimes its nice to get out of the city for a bit of a day trip. Earlier this year, I joined a few friends for an excursion out to the California desert to experience a sound bath… Read More

When in Los Angeles…Get A View from Above

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Driving from my home on the west side of LA to a friend’s place in Eagle Rock the other day, I noticed how the downtown skyline is changing.  New hotels and apartment buildings going up and cranes spotting the horizon in all directions.  Downtown Los Angeles has been growing and gentrifying for years, but it seems… Read More

Redwood City: A Surprise Find

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I expected to find San Francisco simply beautiful.  I had no doubt that the PCH and especially Big Sur would take my breath away. I also had no doubt that that infamous spot on Highway 5 would take my breath away in a whole different manner (hold your breath and drive real fast past Harris Ranch).But… Read More

Q & A With the Owner of Traveler's Bookcase (Part II)

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In last Thursday’s post, I began my interview with Natalie Compagno, co-owner of Los Angeles’ Travelers bookcase, a book store dedicated to all things travel. Naturally a place I love!Below is the second half of our interview where I ask her more questions about her personal travels.Natalie Compagno, owner of a Traveler’s BookcaseNH: Now, a few questions… Read More