Finding Community on the Road

Istanbul is one of those cities that just feels alive. A constant shuffling stream of locals, tourists, animals, products, produce, boats, cars, and trams.  I know New York is thought of as the city that never sleeps, but after staying in a hostel in the restaurant and club packed Taksim Square neighborhood, I sincerely believe Istanbul… Read More

My Favorite Shots: Seoul

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Unfortunately, I only had a few short days to wander around the streets of Seoul, S. Korea.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from my days strolling through the city.One of the necessary games when I get to a new city: “Figure out the Currency”Traditional Korean home called a hanok found in the Bukchon… Read More

Naked in Seoul

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Seoul is an lively, large city with many things to do and see. But I quickly realized that I had to shake things up a bit.  I have only been on the road for two weeks but I can already feel myself slipping into a routine.  Morning coffee, visting a national historical site or a lively… Read More