A Weekend Away for Women Travelers

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Though I grew up in Pennsylvania, I have happily lived in the land of palm trees and 60 degree “winters” for years. I rarely look back and I joke regularly about never wanting to scrape another windshield or shovel another snowy driveway again in my life. I don’t think I’ve ever complained about not having the… Read More

The Road Ahead

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After a long day sitting at the computer and the prospect of two red eye flights and a day working from the  airport club lounge ahead of me, I knew there was something I just had to do.  Something I haven’t been doing much of since I broke my leg last year…I had to go for… Read More

My New "Support Group"

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As I sit here in my grey cubicle, made even greyer by the icy cold rain that’s been falling all day, I of course can’t help but think of where I’ll be headed in 2012. I’m so excited about the possibilities that are out there, particularly as it relates to continuing my overseas travel and developing… Read More