A Timely Text

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As I was struggling with what to write today , I received the following text from my mom:“What do you expect, anticipate gaining from all your travels? What will you give?Huh? Where did that come from? I was tempted to just let that message sit there on my phone without answering it, but the question kept… Read More

Gift Suggestions for the Traveler

In this past Monday’s post, I mentioned some great birthday gifts I got from friends and family who know about my travel habit. That inspired me to put together a list of a few items that I’d recommend if you’re shopping for a traveler in your life (even if that traveler is YOU). These are great… Read More

A Traveler's Birthday

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My friends and family know me all too well. Last Friday was my birthday and so many of the gifts, well-wishes and celebrations I received prove that I have been pretty vocal in communicating my love for travel.First, my roommate (a fellow travel junkie) organized a surprise party for me at my apartment last Monday. Along… Read More