To Shoot or Not To Shoot?

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With my London trip this past weekend, I not only got to see one of my favorite cities in the world and visit with one of my dearest friends, but I also got to check off one of my 14 things to do in 2014. Thanks to my friend and her generous birthday gift to me…

Good Eats in Armenia

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If I had any worries about not liking the food or not getting enough food on my trip to Armenia, they were all quickly squashed under plates and platters of delicious food. Every meal brought a new type of cheese, meat, vegetable, fruit or in some cases I’m not even sure what. I can say I…

Friends and Food Win

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Sometimes, even with all the planning and best intentions in the world, the blog posts just don’t quite come together before the deadline strikes. Tonight, spending time with a good who is in the hospital then enjoying a late-night sushi dinner with another friend won out over a timely, well thought out blog post.I’m blessed to…

Tea Time in London

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Tea.A flavorful drink that warms your insides, relaxes you, soothes a sore throat and helps you unwind.  A cup of tea can be a brief break from your day…but little more than that. When I first pictures people having tea in England, I imagined them sitting down at a table covered in lace, sipping from a…

5 Ways to Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

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Have you ever traveled to a foreign city spent a few hurried days, got back on a plane and headed home only to feel like you never really experienced the city at all? I sure have.Usually its when I travel on a business trip. I spend more time in sterile offices, eating box lunches and looking…