It's Not a Cubicle, it's a….

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It was nearly a year ago I left this…Sad cubicle farmfor THIS…Cherry Blossoms in Kyotoand THIS…Beautiful resorts in Lebanonand THIS…Celebrating with the World at the 2012 Summer OlympicsAnd now, 10 months later, I find myself here…Back in the cubicle again…*Sigh!*  When I looked into the future on April 1, 2012 (my escape date) did I see… Read More

Cost of Travel: Accommodations

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One question I continually get about my 5 month Round the World trip earlier this year is:“How much did it cost?”I have to confess, I am one of the worlds worst budgeters. When I really want something (like this trip) I just go for it. Of course I did take efforts to save a chunk of… Read More

Which Fear Wins?

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For the first time in this long process of my “cubicle escape”, I’m starting to get scared and second guess myself. I know its natural to feel hesitant when you’re standing on the ledge, getting ready to take a step out with no visible net below. Who wouldn’t be a little freaked out? The reality is… Read More

Bad Choices – I've Made A Few

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I realize that the decisions I make while I’m at home are keeping me from spending more of my life on the road. And mostly it comes down to financial decisions. I work a full-time corporate job with a better than average salary, but my inability (um…unwillingness) to compromise my lifestyle has a direct impact on… Read More