Some Things I'll Never See

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The title of this blog “There’s So Much to See” comes from a response I often give to people who exclaim that I have travelled so much of the world.  I may be able to check off more countries visited than your average American, but there’s still so much left for me to explore and experience… Read More

Ten Year Anniversary Top Ten: Egypt

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I cannot believe it has been about 10 years since my last Round the World trip (from late 2001 to spring 2002). And now I am beginning to plan for my next RTW trip starting this spring. In celebration, I thought I’d do a series Top 10 posts on some of the locations I hit up… Read More

Dammit! What's the word for….

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Most who know me know that I am not an aggressive person. I tend to be fairly laid back and I avoid confrontation like the plague. Arguments and fights make me very uncomfortable and if I can feel something “brewing” between people I go into diplomat-mode trying to smooth things over to avoid any unnecessary hostility… Read More