Health, Family, Money: Visiting an Orthodox Jewish Home

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Living in Los Angeles, I am rarely far from a Jewish community. When I moved into my first apartment near Beverly Hills, I quickly found myself to be in the minority. Not because I was a black woman (though that factored in too), but because I was one of probably 2 or 3 non-Jewish families in the…

A Day Trip to Denmark’s Louisiana

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A trip to Louisiana that does not involve crayfish, bayous, voodoo, Mardi Gras beads and drinks in a hurricane glass? Yes, it is possible. But you may have to leave the good ole U.S. of A. to make that happen. Earlier this summer I visited my friend Menna in her new home city of Copenhagen. I had…

Mexico City's Ballet Foclorico

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In Mexico City and looking for something to do after the sun sets? Not that you’d ever run out of restaurants, bars and music venues to check out, but I can also highly recommend an buying tickets to the city’s Ballet Foclorico.  They have performances on Wednesday and Sunday nights in the beautiful theater in the…

A First Time for Everything

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As a travel writer, I naturally write about my experiences as a foreigner in a foreign land.  My adventures (and sometimes misadventures) trying new foods, visiting new locations. learning new customs, puzzling through new languages.  I am always the wide-eyed, protagonist learning new things as I go along. But if I think about it, it is…

Culture Close to Home: DanceBrazil

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With no international trips on the immediate horizon, I have to find cultural activities closer to home to keep me going.  It may be as simple as going to see a foreign film or trying out a new restaurant serving a particular international cuisine, but those types of experiences rarely last much longer than the time…