Just Not Black in Jordan

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To state the obvious, visiting Petra in Jordan is amazing.  It is breathtaking, mind-expanding, magnificent and unforgettable in a way that only a few other places are in this world.  And while nothing can take away from your time spent there, I found a few hurtful words can overshadow that experience if you let them. On… Read More

Notting Hill Carnival for First Timers

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In my years of travel, I have attended my share of big street festivals.  Three visits to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, three Oktoberfests in Munich, and two Carnaval celebrations in Brazil, are ones that quickly come to mind. Yet I had never been to a Caribbean based carnival.  That was about to change, even though… Read More

A Day Trip to Denmark’s Louisiana

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A trip to Louisiana that does not involve crayfish, bayous, voodoo, Mardi Gras beads and drinks in a hurricane glass? Yes, it is possible. But you may have to leave the good ole U.S. of A. to make that happen. Earlier this summer I visited my friend Menna in her new home city of Copenhagen. I had… Read More

Mexico City's Ballet Foclorico

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In Mexico City and looking for something to do after the sun sets? Not that you’d ever run out of restaurants, bars and music venues to check out, but I can also highly recommend an buying tickets to the city’s Ballet Foclorico.  They have performances on Wednesday and Sunday nights in the beautiful theater in the… Read More