5 Singapore Discoveries

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A chance to visit Singapore for the second time?? I’LL TAKE IT! This past December, as part of my birthday trip, I decided to include Singapore in my itinerary.  The choice was partially made on convenience as Singapore was a good hub for other stops I planned in Asia.  But I was also excited to see… Read More

Barcelona: I’ll Keep Trying

What makes a person feel at home or at odds with a travel location?  Is it the people? The architecture? The choice of activities? Or just a random feeling that cannot be defined? I wish I could explain it because maybe it would make me feel more comfortable with the fact that I have not fallen… Read More

Madrid: Photos of a Beautiful City

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While not an obscure city, I rarely hear Madrid mentioned as “a favorite city” or “a beautiful place to visit”. But as I wrap up my second visit to this city, I have to say I’d happily describe Madrid with both of those descriptions.  I found Madrid to be fairly easy to navigate even for someone… Read More