Breathtaking Travel Experiences

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Breathtaking…That is a word that I am always a bit skeptical of.  Whether it is found scribbled on the back of a post card or perfectly placed in a travel brochure, I often find myself asking Really? Did it really take your breath away? There is no shortage of beautiful views just within your own home town… Read More

Expat Adventures: Cafe in China

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I knew my friend Zranwea, or Cafe as he’s known in the Capoeira world, liked to travel and had a sense of adventure, but when he told me he was packing up and shipping off to check out life in Shanghai, China, I was a bit surprised…and curious. What was he going to do? How was… Read More

Dammit! What's the word for….

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Most who know me know that I am not an aggressive person. I tend to be fairly laid back and I avoid confrontation like the plague. Arguments and fights make me very uncomfortable and if I can feel something “brewing” between people I go into diplomat-mode trying to smooth things over to avoid any unnecessary hostility… Read More