Expat Adventures: Cafe in China

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I knew my friend Zranwea, or Cafe as he’s known in the Capoeira world, liked to travel and had a sense of adventure, but when he told me he was packing up and shipping off to check out life in Shanghai, China, I was a bit surprised…and curious. What was he going to do? How was… Read More

Seattle in Photos

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I can’t believe its been nearly nine years since I lived in Seattle. I was really only a part time resident as I was there for only a few months and usually only from Monday through Friday for a work project. Because I normally headed home to Los Angeles for the weekend and during the week… Read More

Seattle: Just As You'd Expect It

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Only two things would make me excited about going from this:……to this:1. My love for travel2. My love for CapoeiraThis weekend I’m giving up a beautiful sunny weekend at home in LA to jump on a plane to rainy Seattle. But its all good! Seattle is like London for me – you just expect it to… Read More

Culture Close to Home: DanceBrazil

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With no international trips on the immediate horizon, I have to find cultural activities closer to home to keep me going.  It may be as simple as going to see a foreign film or trying out a new restaurant serving a particular international cuisine, but those types of experiences rarely last much longer than the time… Read More

Rio: Short but Sweet!

My very first trip to Rio back in 1999 was unusually short for a first visit. I wanted to surprise my mother on her 50th birthday with a trip to a city she’d only heard about in books and on records, but seemed to love as if she were a native Carioca.  Due to limited funds… Read More