Travel Expert’s Travel Fail

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OK…it’s confession time. I have hesitated in writing this post for a few weeks now because it pains me to admit to a huge travel fail.  And I have no one to blame for it by me.  While I’d rather keep this embarrassing admission to myself, I’ll share it with you all so you, my fabulous…

Breathtaking Travel Experiences

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Breathtaking…That is a word that I am always a bit skeptical of.  Whether it is found scribbled on the back of a post card or perfectly placed in a travel brochure, I often find myself asking Really? Did it really take your breath away? There is no shortage of beautiful views just within your own home town…

Global Girl Project

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As we in the U.S. prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this week and reflect on of all the things we are thankful for, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at an organization that is working with those in need to give them a few more things to be thankful for.Friend and…