A Weekend Away for Women Travelers

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Though I grew up in Pennsylvania, I have happily lived in the land of palm trees and 60 degree “winters” for years. I rarely look back and I joke regularly about never wanting to scrape another windshield or shovel another snowy driveway again in my life. I don’t think I’ve ever complained about not having the… Read More

Where Have I Been?

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Is this post going to be a list of the lovely places I’ve traveled to recently? No,…not really. The question “Where Have I Been” is really more for this blog. Where has it been for the last nine months? Well, as I told fellow travel bloggers at a conference a few weeks ago, this little blog… Read More

Welcome! Take a Look Around

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So here she is! My brand new website.  What do you think (pause for applause)? A few weeks ago I announced my blog’s 5 year birthday present – a much needed facelift (so L.A., I know), but then she sat quietly all by herself for a few weeks. Why?  Not surprisingly I have a solid list of… Read More

I Don’t Have a Favorite Color

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I don’t have a favorite color – at least not any more. When I was a kid, the answer to the question “What is your favorite color” came with an easy answer. Blue.  My mom’s favorite color was Red so she kind of owned that one (plus it seemed a little too bold for my budding… Read More

Travel Blogging: A Passion, A Hobby, A Business

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When I first began this blog back in 2009 (my baby is almost 5 years old!) my posts were infrequent and erratic. I would proudly declare “I only write on my blog when I am actually traveling”…not sure why I was so proud of that.  That first year I had four whole posts for the 6 months… Read More