My Favorite Part of Yerevan: "The Cascade"

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One of my favorite places in my home town of Los Angeles is the Getty Center Museum complex. With a world renowned permanent collection of art and constantly changing visiting exhibits, there’s never a shortage of great artworks to appreciate. But more than just a museum, you can spend just as much time outside the museum’s… Read More

Armenian Thirst Quenchers

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After last week’s post on the foods of Armenia, it is only appropriate that I follow that up with a post on the drinks of Armenia. After all, you need something to wash down all of that good food!For one I’ve never been to a country that was so proud of its bottled water. Like France with… Read More

Good Eats in Armenia

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If I had any worries about not liking the food or not getting enough food on my trip to Armenia, they were all quickly squashed under plates and platters of delicious food. Every meal brought a new type of cheese, meat, vegetable, fruit or in some cases I’m not even sure what. I can say I… Read More

A Tale of Two Hotels

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For a traveler who really enjoys a good hotel, the place where you end up laying your head at night can really make or break a trip. A dull business trip to a run of the mill city can become a luxurious excursion if you end up in plush accommodations with a kind staff.  On the… Read More

5 Cool Things I Learned About Armenia

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While I definitely enjoy seeing the beautiful landscapes and famous landmarks when I travel to a foreign country, the trivia nut in me also likes to collect “little know facts” (or at least little known to me). Here are 5 interesting facts I learned about Armenia while I was there. And you can thank me later… Read More