Thoughts on Kid-Free Rows on Flights

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I recently read a Conde Nast Traveler article about another airline adding a kid-free zone on their flights.  IndieGo Airlines, based in India, is the latest company to make this offer.  Although I do like kids (truly I do), as a childless adult, I did a quick, silent cheer in my head when I read this headline… Read More

Why Would You Wear That?

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If you spend enough time in airports you see some some interesting outfit choices. From the person who avoids extra baggage fees by wearing half their wardrobe to the one who is clearly going directly from the airplane to the night club.  You see it all.  On my most recent trip from LA to Atlanta via… Read More

TSA Precheck

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On the day I was supposed to fly back to Los Angeles from Atlanta, I received an unpleasant phone call in the wee hours of the morning. In a sleepy haze, I heard an airline agent explain that my flight had been canceled and if I wanted to make it home, i had to be at… Read More