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We’re over half way there, folks!

“Where”, you ask?

To 2015, of course!

To some, that’s scary…to others that’s welcome news. But no matter what you think of it, this year is on its downward slope. So be honest. How may of you took stock of your plans, resolutions, goals, ambitions, targets or whatever you want to call them midway through the year? From my observation, most folks are 100% gung-ho with plans, vision boards, gym memberships and self help books at the beginning, but by this time of year, they are somewhere packed away with the holiday decorations.

Well, as much as I fear it, I’m going to dust off my 2014 Travel Goals list, magically preserved by my very own blog post written back when I was feeling ambitions on January 6. Half way through the year and am I half way through my goals? I’m afraid to look.

Hm…well, after looking back on my list I can say one thing confidently….the second half of this year is going to be AMAZING! Why? Well, because I’m determined to meet at least a majority of my goals and right now I’m a sad 2 for 14. Take that down to the lowest fraction and I’m Brazil and my 2014 goals are Germany (sorry Brazil…I still have love for you!).

Well, I’m 2 and within 2 months I will at least be to 5.  With a simple 9 to go.  Hence my prediction that the second half of 2014 will be quite a ride. There’s hope yet.

So what goals did I achieve?…

And which ones will be in the bag within a few months?

  • #7 Remodel this blog – it’s in progress as we speak and you should see some significant updates soon.
  • #8 Attend a Formula 1 race in a foreign country. Singapore, here we come!
  • #11 I already have 1 new pin (thank you, Mexico City)…and I have no doubt I’ll get at least one more with my trip to Singapore.

One I have to adjust…

  • #6 I’d still like a Briggs & Riley roll aboard bag, but I’ll also take one from Tumi. That brand is my new obsession!

…and one I have to accept will not happen.

  • #8 Even with a valiant last minute effort to get to Brazil for world cup, my plans sadly fell through. Partially because of a rookie traveler mistake on my part, which I may write about in a future post.

And a few are still just up for grabs, so wish me luck on those…Especially #14!

So here’s to the second half of the year and hitting all of my travel goals. Have I inspired you to dust off your New Year’s resolutions? Or maybe add a few more to your list? I hope so. Either way – enjoy the rest of 2014 … I only hope it keeps getting better for all of us!


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