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As a general rule, I believe its best to look forward and focus on creating the future you want to live.  There are times, however, when you do need to reflect on where you’ve been. It’s never healthy to dwell in the past, but glancing back to either remember the good times or to learn from mistakes or successes can also give you that fire you need to keep moving forward.

One year ago today, April 1, appropriately or coincidentally April Fool’s Day, I boarded a plane with 5 months, 3 continents, 17 countries and approximately 42 blog posts ahead of me. On April 1, 2012 I was throwing my last few things into my storage unit, zipping up my huge rolling duffel bag and trying not to give into the feeling of panic that often comes about as you step out into the unknown.

Nothing more beautiful than a packed suitcase

Now its April 1, 2013 and I feel like even more of a Fool than I did when I quit my job and “ran away” for a few months with big dreams and little savings. Why? Probably because I feel a little like I’ve slipped back into rat-race mode, rather than life fulfilling mode.  Now instead of flying 5478 miles from Los Angeles to Tokyo, I drive 3.7 miles from my home to my cubicle job.  Instead of planning how I’m going to get from Seoul to Sydney and where I will live for two months in Beirut, I’m planning project deadlines and production support plans.  Definitely not as exciting or sexy.  But perhaps necessary.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a little less of these…

On a daily basis I think about the experiences I had last year – both the good and the bad. Not every day of my 5 months on the road was culturally stimulating or action packed, but the experiences of traveling for an extended period of time was so worth it. Though my savings may have taken a bit of a hit and I chilled out on climbing the corporate ladder for some time, I would do it again in a heart beat (and don’t be surprised if I do).

  But 2013 is bound to look different than 2012 did (how boring if it looked exactly the same). While I may not be able to take an extended period of time off this year, I don’t plan to let travel be any less a part of my life.  Instead of one long trip, I plan on making a lot of shorter jaunts which will also allow some time at home for family, friends, Capoeira and a job to bring in more travel funds…I mean savings!  For better or worse, my situation may have changed, but my priorities and my passions haven’t.

Still keeping my eye on the world

When I set off to one year ago today, I had a vision of what my future would be. To be honest it was not a fully formed dream, but it involved paid writing gigs, extensive travel while still maintaining a base in my home city of Los Angeles, a location independent job and a lasting romance that I discovered somewhere among the 17 countries. Am I there yet? Not quite? Will I get there? I sure hope so. So I continue to write, I continue to travel and I continue to look ahead.  Here’s to the next April 1 and all the days in between.


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